I  assume I’ll post details of why I’m doing this all via blog at some point, so I’ll just give general information here.  I’m a 26 year old mom, wife, and professional.  That’s a lot to juggle for anyone I think.  For me, there’s an extra struggle.   I have Bipolar (and a lot of other mood/personality/mental issues).  Basically, I’m crazy.  Someone somewhere called it “mentally interesting.”  Either way.

I was diagnosed at a young age…14 or 15 maybe.  My timelines are non-existant so please excuse anything that doesn’t seem right in that regard.  It’s not right in my head, so I have no way to tell it correctly.  Anyhow, whatever age someone figured it out the bottom line is that I was pretty much born with it.  I’ve heard stories about myself at age two and four that were all pretty big red flags.

The amount of information that was out there then versus now is like night and day, but regular life stuff…how to deal with a high energy toddler on a down swing or not be irritable with a temper tantrum on an up swing…how to help a husband understand things you don’t understand…how to work like a normal person…well, I haven’t found anything to help.  So here I am.  My own little way of sorting that stuff out.  Maybe helping other people sort out similar stuff.

I’ll try not to be too moody, but sometimes what can you do?  My intent is to talk about serious issues but with a grain of salt and snark.  They say keep blogs coherent and I can almost promise that won’t happen.  What my mood is, you get.  If I’m baselined (normal), which does happen, then you’ll probably just hear my opinions on random stuff.  But I’ll do my best to make this readable to someone other than me.

**Disclaimer One**  Kira is not my real name and I don’t want to lie and say it is.  I’m pretty honest about my varying degrees of crazy with everyone I know, but I do have a career and so some privacy is needed.  Plus, I’m super paranoid.

**Disclaimer Two** This idea was 100% a product of hypomania which inevitably means it might be one of those things that lasts a week and is forever forgotten.  But hopefully not.

**Disclaimer Three**  Blog title is a complete rip off of the song of the exact same name by deadmau5.  But it fit, and even at my most creative I can’t title stuff.  Sorry, Joel (who I’m sure is totally interested in my crazy nonsense anyway).

Twitter: @kira_whatever


4 responses to “About

  • Sheila Herd

    Just found your blog via The Elephant in the Room which I also follow, don’t worry about the paranoia/anonymous thing, it’s very brave to publish a blog. I blog as well and I started off anonymous but then as time went on I got more and more “whatever” about it until I completely outed myself. I’m not bi polar though, so maybe that’s different I don’t know. Anyway am stalking you on twitter as well 😉

    • Kira

      Thanks. Part of the reason is because of the bipolar and part is because I talk about work. My company has a “no social networking” policy where they actually often search our names to see if we post work related things to Facebook etc. My actual Facebook is locked down and I post pictures of my son and that’s about it. If they ran across my blog not only would I get harassed for being crazy but I’d likely get fired for talking about my job as well. So I doubt I’ll ever post my name. Stupid crazy work.

  • Sheila Herd

    I can understand not talking about work, I try not to talk about work, and we’re not allowed to “view” social networking sites at work, but they sound incredibly opressive where you work dictating what you do out of work. Unless your work is of a very sensitive nature, which maybe it is. Anyway, I’ll look forward (is that the right thing to say?!) to following your blog. I’m in the UK by the way.

  • Kira

    They have social networking blocked on our work computers, but I have a smart phone lol. I do work in a very sensitive industry, so that’s why they have all the super strict rules. We deal with client’s personal information on a day to day basis and I guess they think we’d be leaking it out on the internet or making the company look bad where clients wouldn’t want to do business with the company anymore. I get where they’re coming from, but it means I’m restricted a lot in what I can do online. I’m even paranoid about them one day tracking my home IP address…but I’m pretty sure that’s just the crazy. I’ve never heard of them actually doing this.

    That is indeed the way to say it. 🙂

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