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New town, lots of stress

Well being in a new town has my stress level up high.  Got lost for a while which was fun.  Lots of one way streets which is always a plus when you’re lost.  Training is going well though on 10mg of Adderall I find my concentration and alertness wanes throughout the day.  Eight hours of training is a little hard on low doses of ADD meds.

I did end up meeting up with my uncle (also bipolar).  It was a good but depressing experience.  He said some things that I feel like I could have said myself which is refreshing since I usually can’t relate to most of my family who have at worst anxiety or minor depression.  We talked about meds and how much the side effects suck.  We seem to have similar reactions to meds which I find interesting.

The depressing part was watching his wife get upset with him when he would pass out from his medication or forget what happened five seconds ago.  I know when those things happen to me I generally feel awful and like I’m a burden.  Someone fussing at me on top of that would be intolerable.  I feel very lucky to have my husband who knows when to be patient with me even if sometimes he gets under my skin.